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Welcome is for anyone looking to understand, learn, and work with artificial intelligence.


What's in the Site?

This is what is going into the AI Encyclopedia:


This category has courses and classes learning, plus community, hubs and libraries. I'm collecting the best AI related tutorials, case studies, blogs and hands-on exercises. Communities include places like Reddit and Discord where people talk and about talking to AI, and the hubs are libraries where you can find AI models and data to use.

AI News and Opinion:

My goal is to post and share important news analysis without overloading this category. Trying to read every breaking news story is like trying to drink from a fire hose. This site is a calmer experience, but strives to include important developments, breakthroughs, and trends in the field of AI.


AI Tools and Platforms:

Explore a curated selection of AI tools and platforms to experiment with and apply your knowledge.


Jobs Board:

Discover career opportunities in the AI industry, or find the right talent for your organization's AI projects.

Contact Me

My discord name is SarahBurt. I used to make websites for a living, but this is a labor of love. I used to volunteer for GATO, an AI safety org, so I come from that perspective.


I've created this platform to help individuals and organizations navigate the rapidly evolving world of AI.

Who's Making it?

Whether you're just starting to explore AI or you're a seasoned professional looking to expand your knowledge, is here to support you on your journey.


If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me at [Your Email Address]. I'm always happy to hear from users and help in any way I can.

Thank you for choosing as your go-to resource for AI education and opportunities.

[Your Name] Founder,

Why You Should Use This Site

It's free to use this site

curated means AI resources and news, not the feeling of information overload

Every level of membership is free. The only thing that costs money is listing a job offer or wanted ad. Users can suggest resources, but I'm not taking payment for listing them, so I can choose what goes into the directory (unless it's a job).

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