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I put online the same day I started working it. As messy as it is (was), I feel it's important to show you in real-time how AI tools can be used to make websites. 

March 20, 2024

I worked on the database for 10 days, and now I get to start putting content into the site, for real.

For this update's image, I chose Eliezer Yudkowsky pondering the end of humanity through the use of AI, on Lex FridMan's podcast, because while I'm working on this site, I play YouTube videos on a nearby screen, so I can keep on top of what's happening in the AI sphere. 

I made a lot of cool art too, because often while I'm working in Wix Studio (with YouTube going on one screen), I'll have Midjourney open in the background, and I'll copy an interesting phrase from the site's content, and paste it into MidJourney as a prompt. Midjourney inside Discord is still my favorite for this. I inavariably weed through a massive amount of AI generated junk to find something that can go into the site, and so I generate a ton of images with these semi-random prompts, and the really cool stuff pops out. I want to pause my to-do list and create a page of the AI generated artwork that I'm using on the site, for people to use and share.

I'm also trying to wrap my head around this realization: three years ago, I worked with a team of 20 people on a website this big and complex, and it took about 8 months to create what I've done month, with the help of AI tools like Wix Studio, Midjourney, Chat GPT and Gemini. 

Working with AI (as opposed to a dozen people) cuts down on meetings and frustration. This is such a helpful thing in a complex project, it's worrisome. Will people still be working together, ten years from now? When I think about how much the world will change, even if everything with AI goes spectacularly right, my inner thoughts make the face that Eliezer is making here. But I'm also trying not to catastrophize, and I appreciate Lex Fridman's POV, to help steer me away from that. Thanks for making my workdays spicy, yet grounded, Lex.

March 10, 2024

  • (Sunday) Gemini appeared for the first time on my Android phone, offering to be my AI assistant. I gave it some context and a few iterations, and it did a much better job writing a glossary entry for AI prompts than Chat GPT did. Though it outperformed GPT Turbo4 in multiple ways, Gemini's UI/UX is limited right now. 

  • I moved the site notes off the home page onto this page. 

  • I didn't do any database work, too riveted by the Oscars. Did you see the two Rolex commercials? That was AI.

  • I told Midjourney to, "/imagine they used AI to put rolex watches on all the actors at the Oscars this year." Here's what it generated.

March 9, 2024

I used pencil and a spiral notebook to map out new database tables. The past two weeks of working with test data were a big help. Chat GPT helped with tag and category suggestions too, but the AI is like a  boat that needs careful steering. I think that particular dynamic is happening right now because AI is getting so incredibly skilled and capable, but it can't monitor itself or direct itself, so we have to give it a ton of direction (for a few years still, at least). So that means I'm building this site with a database schema that I came up with, but Chat GPT helped me make sure I wasn't missing anything, which is so critical. Implementing changes will take a few days.

March 8, 2024

This is my first daily note, so hello, this will catch you up:

  • I love using Chat GPT, reading papers about AI prompts, and chatting with people who share those interests, so I wanted to make a learning hub for all the folks in the world who find this interesting too.

  • I bought on March 12, 2023.

  • I got access to Wix Studio in August of 2023. Wix is a rapid deploy web dev tool that was created for and released to developers. I love it.

  • I started building in mid-February 2024. 

  • I spent the first couple of weeks trying out different layouts and database ideas. Things often seem like a great idea until they don't. Rapid deploy tools like Wix make it fun to try on different ideas. 

  • Today is Friday, March 8th, 2024, and the site looks pretty crazy because none of the layouts match -- I was trying a lot of things on. But now I've got a layout that I like, and it's simple enough to work across different screen sizes. So I today started redoing the rest of the pages to match this design, and putting the specs into the site pallet. Also I started focusing on making the different page layouts responsive, so the site will start to look right in more screen sizes. 

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