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Encyclopedia of Learning and Using AI

AI generated image of a cute robot using a chain to find its way through the woods, with other robots following.


Prompt Strategy

Chain of Thought Prompting (CoT Prompting) is an advanced technique for guiding large language models (LLMs) through complex, multi-step reasoning tasks.

CoT prompts not only pose a question but also include a detailed narrative of the steps required to reach the solution, thereby teaching the model to approach problems in a human-like way.

With the rapid proliferation of advanced LLMs, CoT Prompting has become a frequently employed strategy, particularly for educational purposes, coding challenges, and anywhere complex reasoning is necessary. 

Rooted in cognitive science and computational linguistics, CoT Prompting has risen to prominence alongside the evolution of sophisticated LLMs, reflecting a concerted effort to harness the full potential of these models in complex problem-solving.

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Chain of Thought Prompting

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