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Encyclopedia of Learning and Using AI

The AIGRID logo is a purple A that looks like a grid

News & Opinion


20 min


AI News Analysis, YouTube

AI Breakdowns, Research Insights, Video Analysis

Dive into AI's latest trends with The AIGRID's concise, accessible videos. Stay informed on groundbreaking research and news in the AI sphere.

Whenever there's a flurry of AI news, I watch The AIGRID first. It reeliably delivers a concise and informative nutshell of whatever is currently taking the AI industry by storm. 

The AIGRID has a knack for being the first to notice a major news story, hidden in an interview or by connecting dots in research papers and Tweets/Exes. I love the channel because it always dives into fascainting sources. It quickly but deeply analyses research papers or interviews that I would have otherwise missed.

Videos are 15 - 20 min long, and move fast enough that I watch them to the end.

The AIGRID covers the latest research and developments in machine learning and natural language processing, to practical applications and the ethical considerations surrounding AI.


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